Mokokchung, 18 March (MTNews): The Deputy Commissioner (DC) and District Election Officer (DEO) of Mokokchung, Thsuvisie Phoji, has issued a notification to all printing presses in and around Mokokchung district regarding the printing of election-related materials such as posters and pamphlets.

DC Phoji has mandated that all printing presses clearly display the names and addresses of printers and publishers on any election-related materials they produce. Additionally, printing presses are required to submit four copies of printed materials, accompanied by declarations from publishers, to the office of the Deputy Commissioner and District Election Officer within three days of printing.

Furthermore, printing presses must provide detailed information on the number of copies printed and the corresponding pricing for each election-related document, separately, within the same three-day timeframe.
Non-compliance with these instructions will result in legal action being taken, as per the relevant state laws governing such matters.

In a separate directive, DC Phoji has ordered all government employees stationed in Mokokchung District to be present at their respective workplaces immediately. The directive extends to all heads of offices, who are tasked with ensuring the attendance of their subordinate officers and staff members. Any requests for official leave must be submitted to the DC with specific details regarding the nature of the duty.

Moreover, any government employee on medical leave will be required to appear before the medical board upon recall. Disciplinary measures, as outlined in section 134 of the RP Act 1951, will be taken against any officials found to be in violation of these directives.

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