Mokokchung, 8 March (MTNews): In response to the recent notification issued by the Ao Kaketshir Mungdang (AKM), directing business establishments in Mokokchung district to remain closed on Sundays, the Mokokchung Chamber of Commerce & Industry (MCCI) has expressed regret over the student organization’s diktat, citing a lack of consultation with the appropriate body. The MCCI also asked the AKM to “withhold the said notification in the larger interest of Mokokchung.”

In a rejoinder, the MCCI stated that it would bode well for all concerned to take ground realities into consideration and consult stakeholders in a democratic manner before issuing notifications on matters that are beyond the purview of one’s authority.

While maintaining that it does not endorse keeping the market open on Sundays, MCCI stated that there are certain economic activities and practical realities that need due cognizance, as well as certain essential and emergency services that need to remain open even on Sundays without violating “the law and practices of the land.”

MCCI stated that Mokokchung is currently the most peaceful market in Nagaland, and that it does not appreciate any entity “causing chaos in the market.”

The MCCI encouraged individuals or groups with grievances in the market to approach them for consultation and necessary action, emphasizing their readiness to address public concerns within their ambit.

The MCCI also denounced “vigilantism in Mokokchung” and reaffirmed its commitment to “maintain the sanctity and to safeguard the sentiments of the people irrespective of faith” in the market.

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