Molungkimong | December 22, 2022


The second day of the Sesquicentennial celebration of Molungkimong Baptist Church commenced on the morning of 22nd December with various speakers reflecting on the significance of peace-making and strengthening bonds in times of Jubilee. With Sentila Yanger, Asso. Pastor, Women, Yaongyimsen Arogo as the chair, and Dr. N. Toshi leading the congregation in verse and prayer, the programme also honored efforts of previous ministry workers and hosts of annual Christmas feasts in the village by presenting them with certificates. Addressing the crowd, Rev. R. Moaliba, Pastor, Molungkimong Baptist Church stated that the tradition of giving certificates in the village began in 1997 while the tradition of families and clans hosting Christmas feasts in the village began in 1998.





Delegates Rev. Ponen Longchar, Pastor, MTBA, Rev Taku Longkumer, Regional Consultant, American Baptist Churches International Ministries, and Mr I. Nukshi, Pastor, Merangkong Baptist Arogo, shared greetings on behalf of their churches and ministries, and highlighted that a jubilee is not just a time for celebration, but also a time to forgive and be forgiven, to remember and honor efforts of our ancestors and elders, practice humility, and strengthen the foundations to envision a progressive future for the church and its members. Pointing out some differences between the American and the Naga context, Rev Taku Longkumer stated that we tend to invest more time and resources in celebrating centenaries and jubilees than our American counterparts. He also juxtaposed his earlier experiences of the Centenary celebration at Molungkimong in 1972, that he attended as part of Renthy Keitzar’s Choir with the current Sesquicentenary celebrations, and asserted that we must recognize Molungkimong as the first soil of Christianity, reflect on why this village was chosen, and find ways to fulfill his greater plans.



Special guest, Temjen Imna Along, Minister of Higher Education and Tribal Affairs also shared centenary greetings and affirmed that this story is not just about Molungkimong but the story of an ancient, historical God.  Reminding the congregation about consolidating their commitment to Christ, he stated that true commitment requires us to remain steadfast in faith and power through times of trials and tribulations.



Speaking on the theme “Osang Tajung Ain Benjong” – Celebration of the Power of the Gospel (Rom 1:16), Rev. Prof. Dr. Mar Pongener, Executive Secretary, ABAM deliberated on the Chungli Ao word ‘Ain’ and its various implications in different languages as well as its applications within the context of Christianity. He said that we must not be content with our status quo as believers, but take this jubilee as an opportunity to critically examine the kind of Christians we have become over the last 150 years. Pongener also warned against misusing the Gospel to proliferate lies, and stir conflicts for the purpose of vested interests. Following the true path of the Gospel requires us to be decisive and unambiguous, he added. “Let us be the people who spread the Gospel of truth, not of lies,” – Pongener called upon the congregation to stand powerfully in the truth, reflect on our shortcomings and seek ways to grow spiritually.



Earlier, Rev. Prof. Dr Mar Pongener also inaugurated the Sesquicentenary Souvenir Book along with Limaangzük, Convenor of the Sesquicentenary Editorial Committee. The morning service also saw musical performances by the Sesquicentenary Choir, Clark Theological Choir, Aolijen, and Grace Lalchhanhimi and F. Nghakiiana from Mizoram and ended with a benediction by Rev. Wati Kichu, Associate Pastor, DABA.



The Sesquicentenary celebrations will conclude on the evening of December 22 where Rev. SentisashiAier, Senior Pastor, KABA will deliver the sermon.

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