Naga Club condoles passing away of Dr. S. Imkong Tushi Ao

Dimapur, January 17 (MTNews): The Naga Club has expressed shocked over the demise of Dr S Imkong Tushi Ao, who was one of the club’s advisors, at Zion Hospital, Dimapur on Monday, January 16 at 8:30AM.


Stating that they are devastated with the loss, the club stated that in the renaissance of the Naga Club before the Centennial Jubilee celebration on November 29, 2018, Dr S Imkong Tushi Ao had been “unyieldingly active to accomplish the enormous task from 2017 till its regularization on 14th November 2018 with the 5th Team of Naga Club.”


“He was then inducted as one of the Advisors and reappointed for the second term to the same post in the tenure 2021-2024 as the 6th Team of Naga Club,” the club added.


According to the club, Ao with his insightfulness had been a pillar to the Naga Club family and the Naga community as a whole.


“By his profession as a physician during the active service in the Nagaland State Government and beyond in various capacities, and then even as a senior citizen, he was one whose life touched so many people,” the club said.


Throughout the years, according to the club, Ao had also been strident and articulately advocated deep concern on the Indo-Naga relationship that must need to exist as sensible neighbors.


“On the Nagaland-Assam border issue, he had the unvarying proposal that all the Naga ancestral forest land should be repossessed, unmistakably demarcated and permanent fencing be erected and then stringently monitored,” the club continued.


Stating that the demise of Dr S Imkong Tushi Ao, a knowledgeable, tranquil and unsullied soul, has created a vacuum in the Naga society which will be enormously difficult to be filled, the club conveyed their utmost and heartfelt condolences to each member of the family.


Ao had also been a Vice Chairman of the Indian Red Cross Society Nagaland (IRCSN) and the President of the Senior Citizens’ Association Nagaland (SCAN) for two terms.

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