Dimapur, 28 April (MTNews): Amidst the indefinite shutter-down of Dimapur District, propelled by the recent call from the Dimapur Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI), the Naga Council Dimapur (NCD) has submitted a representation to the Chief Secretary of the Government of Nagaland following a Joint Consultative meeting involving Dimapur-based Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), Presidents of Tribal Hohos, Unions, and Associations on Saturday.

The NCD, aligning itself firmly with the ongoing indefinite shutter-down, has pledged active participation in the negotiation process. Emphasizing its jurisdiction, the House reiterated its resolve, dating back to 10 October 2012 against arbitrary imposition of lightning bandhs or strikes without its consent in days to come.

Expressing gratitude to the State Government for its earnest attention to the ongoing situation, the collective voice of CSOs, Tribal Hohos, Unions, and Associations in Dimapur underscored the need for swift action. The House commended the government’s directive to adhere strictly to ceasefire ground rules and vowed to combat all forms of extortion and tax collection activities, invoking the National Security Act (NSA) where necessary.

Amidst mounting pressure for resolution, the House urged both the DCCI and the State Government to reach a settlement within a two-day timeframe. Failure to do so, it warned, would necessitate more stringent actions in Dimapur District, a sentiment echoed by the CSOs, Tribal Hohos, Unions, and Associations.

Furthermore, the House issued a 45-day notice to the Home Department and District Administration for a comprehensive review of all existing unions, associations, and welfare organizations, highlighting the gravity of the situation. In a bid to alleviate the plight of the business community and the public, the House asserted its stance against illegal taxation and extortion by Naga Political Groups (NPGs) until the impasse is resolved.

Reiterating a longstanding memorandum to the Government of India, the House urged for a swift resolution to the Naga Political imbroglio, recognizing it as the root cause of illicit money collection practices. Additionally, the House reaffirmed the authority of the Dimapur Public Grievances Committee under the Vigilance Committee of NCD to address public grievances effectively.

With tensions simmering and stakeholders demanding prompt action, all eyes are now on the corridors of power as Dimapur awaits a resolution to its current predicament.

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