Chümoukedima, 27 April (MTNews): The Director General of Police in Nagaland, Rupin Sharma, IPS, underscored the need for a transformation within the state’s police force to prioritize professionalism and improve investigation standards. Speaking at a State Level Workshop on the POSCO ACT & NDPS Act today at Rhododendron Hall, Police Complex, Chümoukedima, Sharma divulged the current composition and duties of the Nagaland Police, emphasizing the imperative to shift focus towards better investigation practices to establish law supremacy and enhance public trust. The workshop was jointly organized by the High Court Legal Services Committee, Kohima, in collaboration with the Dept. of Law & Justice, Dept. of H&FW, and Nagaland Police.

Nagaland dgp police
Sharma revealed insights into the structure of the Nagaland Police, highlighting its predominantly unarmed nature with 15 battalions comprising approximately 16,000 personnel. He noted that nearly half of the district executive force consists of armed police personnel, with 70% of the Nagaland Police involved in law & order duties rather than investigative tasks. Sharma articulated the necessity for a paradigm shift within the Nagaland Police, emphasizing the need for better professionalism and enhanced investigative capabilities. He added that the only way Nagaland police will be able to establish supremacy of law in the State and enhance trust and image in the minds of the public is through better investigation.

Addressing the escalating issue of drug-related crimes, Sharma urged officers to handle such cases with utmost care due to their direct impact on societal health. He mentioned that POSCO & NDPS cases are a matter of concern and emphasized that a victim cannot be seen as an outcast in society. “We all need to give respect to the victims, and this can only be changed if the mindset of society changes,” he added. Sharma stressed the need to put a system in place where people are encouraged to report without stigmatization and to maintain a degree of secrecy not just of victims but also of the family and other witnesses. He urged the officers to take due care and investigate the details of these cases so that desired results are achieved.

In conclusion, Sharma reiterated the importance of reimagining the role of the Nagaland Police to prioritize effective investigation practices and enhance public safety. He urged officers to seize the opportunity provided by workshops to enhance their skills and contribute to the establishment of a more efficient and trustworthy police force.

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