Mokokchung, 14 August (MTNews): The Naga American Council, through a press statement from Grace Collins, the Honorary Ambassador of Nagalim, has addressed the Naga citizens on the occasion of their 77th Independence Day. The statement praises the Naga people for their commitment to democratic values and their role in maintaining the international rules-based order.


Collins applauded the Naga people’s efforts in maintaining peace and compassion during conflicts, particularly the historic Manipur riots, and for showing compassion towards the warring Meities and Kukis. She also commended the Nagas for speaking out against human rights violations.


Collins mentioned that the relationship between the United States and Nagalim is ‘solidifying’ based on shared values of democracy, sovereignty, prosperity, and Christian heritage. She expressed appreciation for being invited to listen to voices from the Global Naga Forum, where discussions about the history of the Naga independence movement took place.


She also noted the positive trend of including women and youth in leadership roles within the Naga community, as well as the determination to represent all Naga territories in India and the NW region of Burma.


“Here in America, we too are in agreement to include all Naga territories in India and Burma. We are diligently working to internationalize the Naga issue so your people can directly benefit from support around the world, be it economic and humanitarian aid for all Nagalim, and not just Nagaland state,” Collins added.


Furthermore, Collins claimed that the plight of the Nagas will go viral and informed that the US and the international community are listening. “We believe that one day you will finally be able to live in peace and prosperity and be recognized as a legitimate member of the United Nations,” Collins said.


Collins further added that the Naga-American Council has recognized that the Nagas have “have always been free since August 14, 1947 and you never joined the Indian or Burmese governments by conquest or concession.”

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