Mokokchung, 14 August (MTNews): Starson Lamkang, the Ato Kilonser of the NSCN-K (Niki) group, stated that their group stands solely for ‘unity’ and will persistently advocate for ‘One Naga, One People, One Nation.’ Lamkang made these remarks during his speech at the 77th Naga Independence Day.


Starson Lamkang
Starson Lamkang, the Ato Kilonser of NSCN-K (Niki) speaking at the 77th Naga Independence Day program


Lamkang clarified that the NSCN/GPRN (Niki) group has not aligned itself with either the Framework Agreement or the Agreed Position, as they firmly believe that the Nagas must first unite as one. He further clarified that ‘uniting as one’ doesn’t imply ‘being in the same group’ but rather emphasizes the necessity for all political groups to share ‘one ideology.’


He lamented the fragmentation within Naga society, pointing to divisions within institutions such as Naga Hoho, Naga Mothers’ Association, and Students’ bodies. He expressed concern about Naga Hoho’s diminished influence, asserting that for the Nagas to truly unite, Naga Hoho must undergo reform. Lamkang also stressed the need for reform within the Naga Mothers’ Association.


He went on to address the lack of sincerity among Naga National Workers and shared his suspicion that many are now primarily focused on business, including civil society organizations (CSOs) and Naga leaders.


Lamkang cautioned the Nagas to remain vigilant, as he believed that ‘enemies’ are actively attempting to divide the Nagas and fuel disintegration.

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