Kohima, 28 February (MTNews): In a pressing plea addressed to the Chief Secretary of the Nagaland government, the Naga Students’ Federation (NSF) has raised alarm over the lax enforcement of the Inner Line Permit (ILP) system in Nagaland and the suspension of ILP in Dimapur District (erstwhile).

The NSF on 27 and 28 February conducted an ILP Verification drive where they detected an alarming 637 defaulters but what was shocking to the NSF according to them was, “a significant number of these defaulters were unaware of the ILP requirement.” This, according to the NSF, underscores the government’s failure to create awareness.

“Even with the formation of a Cabinet Sub-Committee on the implementation of ILP in the areas of Dimapur (erstwhile) district, the Committee has failed to submit its report within the stipulated three months, as per the notification in No.CON-3/PAP/65/10 dated June 2, 2023,” added the NSF.

The NSF also said that it was “disheartening” to note that despite previous representations urging effective ILP implementation, the government has failed to take the necessary actions.

Expressing profound concern, the NSF highlighted the insufficient implementation of the ILP, leading to an alarming influx of illegal immigrants posing a significant demographic threat to the indigenous population. The ILP, crucial for regulating tourist flow and controlling illegal immigration, has faced challenges in execution over the years, jeopardizing the unique identity and culture of the Nagas.

The NSF found that the exclusion of Dimapur District from the ILP regime, as indicated by the suspension order dated June 2, 2023, has created a perilous situation, allowing illegal immigrants to thrive in the area. This poses not only a threat to Nagaland but also to the entire North Eastern region, risking the cultural heritage and survival of the indigenous people.

In this regard, the NSF demanded immediate revocation of the suspension order and inclusion of Dimapur District under the ILP regime within 30 days, along with the establishment of ILP monitoring cells at key entry points. The NSF also called for comprehensive ILP implementation in all district headquarters, stringent action against defaulters, and extensive awareness campaigns.

The Federation emphasized that these demands are not just a plea but a fervent call to protect the identity, culture, and future of the Naga homeland.

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