In a heartwarming display of love for Naga Wrestling, Mamho Chakhrüno, a cherished elder from Chedema village, graced the 65th Northern Angami Sports Association (NASA) Wrestling Meet at Kohima village ground, Ziekezou on Wednesday, 7 February.

With a traditional Angami Naga shawl gracefully adorning his shoulders and a traditional backpack filled with treats for the day, Mamho’s presence symbolized a lifetime of love for Naga wrestling.

What made this moment even more heartwarming was the confirmation that an anonymous and unidentified stranger had bought him the entry ticket to the venue worth Rs 2000.

The nonagenarian’s passion for Naga wrestling who walked barefoot from Chedema to Kohima and the mysterious stranger’s deed define the essence of the Naga wrestling spirit, fueled by love and community.


Picture Credit: Zhabu Rutsa

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