Kohima, 2 March (MTNews): NagaEd has been awarded with the Acumen Angels Award, recognizing its impactful efforts in addressing educational inequality and empowering tribal communities in the Northeast India. The award underscores NagaEd’s commitment to tackling the unique challenges faced by students and educators in the region, particularly in Nagaland.


Currently, NagaEd is making a positive impact in five districts across Nagaland, including the remote areas like Kiphire by leveraging the power of technology and innovative solutions. Their dedication to educational equity ensures that even students in challenging locations have access to quality learning opportunities.

“This recognition is a true honour and a testament to the tireless efforts of our entire team,” stated Shiroi Lily Shaiza, Co-Founder of NagaEd. “The Acumen Angels Award fuels our passion to bridge the educational gap and empower communities across Nagaland and the Northeast.”

The approach adopted by NagaEd aligns closely with Acumen’s mission of promoting dignity and equal opportunities for all individuals. By equipping tribal students with digital learning tools and providing comprehensive teacher training, NagaEd aims to combat marginalization and ensure educational equity.

NagaEd’s innovative digital platform has revolutionized education delivery, reaching thousands of teachers and students across Nagaland, including remote areas often facing resource limitations. This ensures equitable access to quality education and disaster preparedness training, fostering resilience within the educational ecosystem.

Oghenekome Oruade, Global Program Manager at Acumen Angels, commended NagaEd’s commitment to empowering tribal and indigenous communities, citing it as a prime example of social innovation.

Prioritizing the professional development of tribal and indigenous educators, NagaEd equips them with high-quality learning materials and practical instructional techniques, enabling them to deliver impactful lessons and set new benchmarks for educational excellence in the region.

Starting from Nagaland, NagaEd’s ambitious vision aims to transform the educational landscape for 2.5 million educators and learners across the Northeast over the next three years through collaborative partnerships with government and private institutions.

“NagaEd is proud to be recognized by Acumen Angels, a program that awards early-stage capital to social innovators,” an update here stated, adding, “Acumen Angels believes in the power of entrepreneurship to tackle complex social and environmental challenges”.

NagaEd has also joined a growing network of 74 Acumen Angels awardees who are addressing critical issues like poverty, education, and healthcare across the globe. With this award and continued support, NagaEd is poised to make a significant contribution to educational equity and empower countless individuals in Nagaland and beyond.

About Acumen Angels
Acumen Angels is a program by Acumen Academy, a non-profit organisation that supports social innovators around the world. They award early-stage capital to promising ventures like NagaEd, providing crucial funding to launch, scale, and refine their business models. This investment is guided by Acumen’s belief that both moral character and business competence are essential qualities for entrepreneurs tackling social and environmental challenges.

Since its launch in 2019, Acumen Angels has awarded USD $2.45M to 51 early-stage enterprises, impacting over 16.8 million lives. They have also created over 40,000 indirect jobs and directly employed over 1,200 people.

About NagaEd:
NagaEd is a leading digital education company. Committed to transforming education through technology, NagaEd develops innovative digital solutions to enhance teaching and learning experiences. The company specialises in creating interactive and engaging educational content, providing professional development for teachers, and supporting schools in their digital transformation journey.

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