In a strategic move towards unlocking Nagaland’s energy potential, the Central Mine Planning and Design Institute (CMPDI), a Mini Ratna Company and subsidiary of Coal India Limited, has launched ambitious coal exploration initiatives in the region. According to the CMPDI, the project is backed by the Central Sector Scheme (CSS) of the Ministry of Coal, GoI.

Presently, regional coal exploration is underway in two key blocks: Mongchen-Dibuia and Tuli-Yimjenkimong. Drilling activities in the Mongchen-Dibuia block (as seen in the picture above) provide a glimpse into the ongoing regional exploration for coal.

CMPDI informed that detailed exploration is set to commence soon in three additional blocks: Northern Khar, Changki – A, and Changki – B. This expansion of coal exploration activities, according to CMPDI, signifies Nagaland’s “emerging role as a key player in India’s energy sector.”

Source: CMPDI
Source: CMPDI

It further informed that under the expert supervision and technical guidance of the Central Mine Planning and Design Institute, the Directorate of Geology and Mining (DGM), Government of Nagaland, is spearheading these initiatives. The collaborative efforts aim not only to unlock the vast energy potential in Nagaland but also to contribute significantly to the state’s energy security.


“As we pave the way for comprehensive coal exploration, we anticipate a transformative impact on the region’s energy landscape,” stated the CMPDI through a tweet.

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