Mokokchung, 13 March (MTNews): The final selection for Nagaland football team to represent that state at the ensuing North East Games 2024 was held at the NAPTC Ground on Wednesday morning.

The selected players are as follows: Lamsanggin, Ghuqhe Sumi, Hemping, Apeto Sumi, Kuvezo Vero, Surhusol Angami, Mughahuto Sumi, Dziesiengulie Angami, Homuka Sumi, Bapen Yimjong, Toka Sumi, Puloka Sumi, Hivika Sumi, T Liang, Kevisanyu Peseyie, Neisede, Menoniekhuo, Limakumzuk, Sanyem Konyak, and Haileuyibe Irranggau.

Meanwhile, the support staff include Roko Angami as the Head Coach with Vizovor as Assistant Coach, Mughato Aye as Manager, and Zakieletuo as Physio.

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