Dimapur, 13 March (MTNews): The Nagaland Olympic Association (NOA) said today that the upcoming Northeast Games, slated to be hosted in partnership with the Nagaland Olympic Association and the Department of Youth Resources in the State Government of Nagaland from 18 to 23 March, stands as a significant platform to celebrate and promote the rich sporting culture of our region. It is an endeavor aimed at fostering unity and solidarity among the NorthEast States. This event will be one of the biggest sporting events to be hosted by Nagaland as all States of the North-East will be competing in 15 disciplines.

In this connection, the NOA informed that in the run-up to the preparations, the hosting venues will be conducting practice sessions, rehearsals and sound checks for the various events including the Opening and Closing ceremonies. There will also be cultural performances and featured shows every evening during the entire duration of the Games.

Therefore, NOA requested the citizens of the hosting areas and surrounding places to “kindly bear with the sound of the practice sessions and the performances.”

“On the part of the Organizers, all attempts will be made to ensure that the performances during the games do not go beyond the stipulated time, and efforts will be made to keep the disturbances to a minimum,” NOA said.

“While appreciating all sections for the positive support and solidarity, we continue to appeal to all well-wishers and the citizens of the State to continue to extend your cooperation and support for the overall success of the Games. We believe that we will always be Stronger Together, which is our motto,” NOA added.

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