Kohima, 24 June (MTNews): The Nagaland Government has convened a consultative meeting to discuss the proposed constitution of an Autonomous Council for the six Eastern districts of the state. The meeting notice, issued by the Principal Secretary of Home, stated that the meeting will take place on 30 June at 1:30 PM at the State Banquet Hall in Kohima.


The meeting will be attended by several key officials, including the Chief Minister, Deputy Chief Ministers, Speaker, all Ministers, Members of Parliament from both the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha, as well as the Chief Secretary and other senior officials of the State Government.


In addition, the government has requested the presence of Advisors Noke Wangnao, K. Konngam Konyak, S. Keoshu Yimchunger, Z. Nyusietho Nyuthe, W. Chingang Konyak, Kiusumew Yimchunger, and Sethrongkyu, along with several Members of the Legislative Assembly.


The Members of Legislative Assembly expected to attend the meeting include A Nyamnyei Konyak; Naiba Konyak; C Kipilli Sangtam; P Longon; Jwenga Seb; Y Mankhao Konyak; B Bangtick Phom; A Pongshi Phom; Y Lima Onen Chang; Imtichoba; Benei M. Lamthiu, and C. Manpon Konyak.


Additionally, the President and three representatives from the Central Nagaland Tribes Council, Tenyimi Peoples’ Organization, and all the 12 Tribal Hohos and bodies have also been requested to attend the meeting.

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