The Governor of Nagaland has announced the fixation of rates of royalty and other payable fees for Areca Catechu (Betel nuts), commonly known as Supari, within the state. Building upon a prior notification issued by the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change on 24 November 2021, this latest decision comes into effect from 7 May 2024, marking a crucial step in regulating the extraction and usage of this resource.

The announcement, made through an official statement on 19 March 2024, delineates the rates of royalty for both Edible and Non-Edible varieties of Areca Catechu. According to the directive, the rate stands at 10.00 Indian Rupees per kilogram for Edible Areca Catechu, while Non-Edible Areca Catechu will be subject to a rate of 5.00 Indian Rupees per kilogram.

This decision, according to the order, was reached in consultation with the Finance Department, Budget & Monitoring Cell.

Following this, the Inspector General of Police, Nagaland, on 7 May has relayed a notification to the District Police regarding the rates of royalty on Areca Catechu (Supari) within the state. The District Police have been instructed to ensure strict compliance with the prescribed rates of royalty for each category of Areca Catechu.

Rates of Royalty typically refer to the fees or payments that are made to the owner of a natural resource or intellectual property for its use by another party. Therefore, Rates of royalty for Areca Nut refer to the fees or payments that individuals or businesses are required to pay to the government.

This imposition of royalties is expected to serve as a revenue generation for the Nagaland government.

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