Wokha, 9 May (MTNews): The Deputy Commissioner of Wokha has issued an order regarding the suspension of vehicular movement along NH-2 (Old NH-61) from APMC Wokha Town to Doyang Bridge (Mokokchung road). This suspension comes in response to the presence of rock debris posing potential hazards along the route.

The order mandated the suspension of all forms of vehicular movement from 4:00 PM on 11 May 2024, until 7:00 AM on 13 May 2024. The area of concern, located dangerously at 81+200 Km on NH-61 (Old NH-2), warrants immediate attention to mitigate potential risks to life and safety.

To facilitate uninterrupted travel during the restricted period, medium and light vehicles traveling on the Wokha-VK-Mokokchung route have been advised to utilize a diversion road. This alternative route spans from ‘O’ Point to Wokha, further leading through Doyang, Sungro, Mangmetong, and Alichen.

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