The Nagaland Cabinet has once again appealed to the Eastern Nagaland People’s Organisation (ENPO) and its constituent bodies to participate in the Urban Local Bodies (ULB) elections. The appeal was conveyed by Parliamentary Affairs Minister and State Spokesperson KG Kenye after a state cabinet meeting held today at the Chief Minister’s Office Secretariat in Kohima.

KG Kenye

The appeal was made known during a press conference at the Secretariat Conference Hall on 16 May, relating to the issue of a ‘public emergency’ and the abstention from Central and State elections by ENPO.

Kenye, addressing the issues relating to Frontier Nagaland, said that no parties have any misunderstanding or misconception on the issue. In fact, he clarified that the State Government initiated the process by recommending the case to the MHA.

Kenye stated that municipal and town councils are welfare and development-oriented bodies, functioning semi-autonomously for local self-governance to manage their own affairs at the local level. He emphasized that ULB elections are held for the benefit of the citizens residing in those towns and municipalities. The state spokesperson noted that after prolonged problems spanning more than two decades, the state will be holding the ULB elections as directed by the Supreme Court and in the larger interest of public welfare.

Kenye asked why the ULB elections should be seen as a means for the ENPO to register resentment and protest their demands, which are already being addressed at a higher level. He further opined that the ULB elections are focused on grassroots-level development and the uplift of citizens. Therefore, the state cabinet has decided to once again request the ENPO and all other concerned organizations to reconsider their decision to abstain from the ULB elections.

Kenye added that active participation would bring justice to every citizen in every corner of the state and could attract more funds from private institutions, the state, or the central government to further develop urban local areas.

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