Kohima, 19 June (MTNews): The Committee of Privileges (2023-2024) of the Nagaland Legislative Assembly convened its inaugural sitting on 5 June 2023. The meeting took place in the Committee Room of the Assembly Secretariat, Kohima, under the chairmanship of Moatoshi Longkumer, MLA.


The Committee of Privileges for the year 2023-2024 is composed of the following members: Moatoshi Longkumer, chairman; A Pongshi Phom, Member; Y Mankhao Konyak, Member; Y Mhonbemo Humtsoe, Member; TN Mannen, Member; Sethrongkyu, Member; and Benei M Lamthiu, Member.


During the meeting, Moatoshi Longkumer, Chairman of the Committee of Privileges, highlighted the powers and functions of the Committee. He briefed the members on the privileges, rights, and immunities enjoyed collectively by the House of Legislatures and its committees, as well as individually by the members. These privileges are enshrined in Article 194 of the Constitution of India.


Chairman Longkumer emphasized the importance of the Committee in ensuring that members can carry out their functions without hindrance and urged all members to be aware of their privileges. He further explained that the primary objective of the Committee is to safeguard the freedom, authority, and dignity of the House and its members.


The Chairman provided insight into the question of privileges, specifically addressing breach of privilege and contempt of the House. Breach of privilege refers to the disregard or attack on the privileges, rights, and immunities of either individual members or the House as a whole. Contempt of the House encompasses any act or omission that obstructs or impedes the House in performing its functions or obstructs any member or officer in discharging their duty, with a tendency to produce such results.


The ‘Committee of Privileges’ is mandated to examine every question related to breaches of privilege referred to it, determine if a breach of privilege has occurred, ascertain the nature of the breach and the circumstances leading to it, and make appropriate recommendations. The Committee has the authority to summon individuals involved in the matter and request relevant documents. In cases where the facts are in dispute, witnesses may be called to provide evidence after taking an oath or affirmation.


In his closing remarks, the Chairman urged all Committee members to cooperate fully and actively participate in the Committee’s activities. He emphasized the trust bestowed upon them by the House to carry out the functions of the Committee.

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