Kohima, 30 March (MTNews): In response to the Eastern Nagaland Peoples’ Organization (ENPO) reaffirmation of their decision to boycott the upcoming Lok Sabha election at CKS Hall Tuensang on 28 March, the state Cabinet and the Eastern Nagaland Legislators Union (ENLU) members held a joint meeting on 30 March 2024, a DIPR report said.

During the meeting, ENLU members provided the Cabinet with a briefing on their recent visit to Delhi and their discussions with the ENPO on 28 March 2024 in Tuensang, it was reported. The issue of participation in the forthcoming national elections and the importance of ensuring representation of all voices within the political process were extensively deliberated upon.

After careful consideration, the Cabinet and ENLU members unanimously decided to extend a sincere appeal to the ENPO, urging them not to abstain from the upcoming Lok Sabha Election scheduled for 19 April 2024.

Instead, they implored ENPO to participate in the elections and fulfill the democratic duty for the greater benefit of the region and its constituents.

Furthermore, the House noted that the installation of a new popular Government in the Centre would create a conducive atmosphere for further negotiation of ENPO’s demands.

In light of this, the state Cabinet and ENLU members made an earnest appeal to the ENPO and its constituents to prioritize democratic principles and ensure the widest possible participation in the upcoming national elections. This, they emphasized, would pave the way for a brighter and more inclusive future for Eastern Nagaland.

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