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Mokokchung, 4 December (MTNews): The Nagaland Taekwondo team has won 15 medals (12 gold, 1 silver, and 2 bronze) at the 3rd India Open International Taekwondo Championship 2023, which concluded on Sunday evening at the Talkatora Indoor Stadium in New Delhi, India.


In the peewee category, the gold medalists are David M in U-25 kg, Shiusithong in U-27 kg, and Shiuthong in U-29 Kg.

In the sub-junior category, gold medalists are Hatsukum in U-33 kg and Pauziechangbe Herie in U-45 kg.

For the cadet category, the gold medalists are Lensethong for U-41 kg and Wongpangthong for U-45 kg.

For the junior category, gold medalists are Manong AT Konyak for U-45 kg, N Tenloi Phom for U-48 kg, T Kiutsu for U-59 kg, and Nnumhei for U-63 kg.

In the senior category, Hinglakpo won the gold medal in U-54 kg.

The silver medalist was Vilabizo Nagi for U-63 kg in the senior category.

The bronze medalists were P Athongti for U-45 kg in the Sub-Junior category and Humuyo Chizo for U-35 kg in the Freshers Sub-junior category.

The team was led by Coach Visabiu Peseyie with Keneingulie and Khrieto as the managers. This was informed in an update from the coach.

The three-day event saw Egypt, Zimbabwe, Nepal, Republic of Congo, and India participating in the championship held under the concept of ‘Taekwondo for all,’ allowing participation of all genders and ages from those under four to those over 60 years old.

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