Mokokchung, 24 March (MTNews): The Aliba Union Mokokchung and the Aliba Student’s Union Mokokchung organized the ‘Nangrikangmung’, a two-day event for the Aliba villagers residing in Mokokchung town. On the first day of the event, an awareness seminar on financial literacy and social media was held at Aliba Fellowship Ki in Kichutip ward, Mokokchung.

The resource person for financial literacy was Akumtong Jamir, Deputy Manager at HDFC Bank Ltd. Mokokchung branch. Akumtong spoke on ways to manage and take care of personal financial matters, educating the gathering on managing family spending based on the 70:30 ratio, where 70% of income goes towards living expenses and 30% towards debt repayment or savings. He also discussed investment opportunities and various methods of saving money.

Dr Limasenla Jamir, Assistant Professor at Fazl Ali College, spoke on social media under the theme ‘Navigating through social media: uses and awareness.’ She discussed the uses and disadvantages of various social media platforms, focusing on issues such as misinformation, the spread of fake news, addiction, effects on health and mental health, and impacts on relationships, highlighting them as major problems faced in Naga society. She also suggested measures for safe social media usage and discussed basic mobile phone etiquettes.

The facilitator for the awareness seminar was Limaonen Imchen. Sakurepba Kichu, President of Aliba Union Mokokchung, delivered the vote of thanks. Day two of the Nangrikangmung event will be held on 25 March at the Ungma Tourist Centre, exclusively for Aliba Student’s Union Mokokchung.

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