Mokokchung, 1 October (MTNews): In commemoration of National Blood Donation Day under the theme, “Donating Blood as an Expression of Unity,” the Mokokchung District Voluntary Blood Donors Association, in partnership with the Blood Center situated at Imkongliba Memorial District Hospital (IMDH), hosted a special event at the IMDH Conference Hall on Sunday. At the event, six voluntary blood donors who had contributed more than 20 times to the blood bank were commended for their selfless service.


blood donation IMDH Mokokchung Nagaland


The program was graced by the presence of the Deputy Commissioner of Mokokchung, Thsuvisie Phoji NCS, as the Guest of Honor. In his address, he emphasized the critical role of blood donors as life savers who provide the elixir of life. However, he lamented that many people remain reluctant to become voluntary donors in practice. He encouraged voluntary blood donors to persist in their selfless deeds and promote the importance of blood donation within our society.


Addressing the recipients of the Ayushman Bhava-Voluntary Blood Donation Movement, he highlighted that the recognition they received through citations was a testament to their service to the community. Nevertheless, the greatest reward they had earned was the countless lives they had saved through their selfless acts.


Dr H Tsipongchem Sangtam, SMO I/C Blood Bank, IMDH in his keynote address, emphasized the unique nature of blood within medical treatment. Unlike other medical remedies, there is no substitute or alternative to blood. He stressed, “Blood requires blood; without it, there is no substitute or alternative, and we risk losing patients.” Dr Sangtam appealed to the gathering to recognize the lives lost due to a shortage of blood and the lives saved through blood donation.


During the program, the Ayushman Bhavaan and Health and Family Welfare Department of the Government of Nagaland honored six donors who had contributed more than 20 times to the blood bank. They received certificates signed by Paiwang Konyak, Nagaland Minister for Health and Family Welfare, and Nagaland Governor La Ganeshan.


Following the formal program, the Deputy Commissioner visited the IMDH Blood Center to inspect the blood collection and storage facilities. He also engaged with the staff to gain insight into blood bank management.


The program concluded with a blood donation drive, involving voluntary donors from various groups, including the military, ex-servicemen, and red ribbon clubs from Fazl Ali College, Peoples College, and Jubilee Memorial College. Together, they collected more than 20 units of blood.

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