Kohima, 24 January (MTNews): The 14th National Voters’ Day (NVD) is set to be celebrated nationwide at the State, District, and Booth levels with the theme “Nothing like voting, I vote for sure ” on 25 January 2024. The Election Commission has urged active participation in the event and widespread promotion of the theme.

The Election Commission’s directive specifies that all staff, officers in State Government Departments/PSUs, and officers in the state should administer the NVD pledge at approximately 11:00 AM or at any suitable time during the day on January 25. This pledge emphasizes the significance of voting and civic participation.

As part of the celebrations, the Commission encourages the uploading of photographs depicting various events and activities related to NVD on social media platforms and official websites, using the hashtag #NVD2024.

The Election Commission has urged Government Departments and PSUs in the state to organize events commemorating the 14th NVD on January 25, 2024. The objective is to enhance voter awareness and outreach with the theme “Nothing like voting, I vote for sure.”

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