The vibrant atmosphere of Rusoma village welcomed the commencement of the fourth annual Orange Festival at the local ground. Themed “Organic Orange,” the two-day festival was inaugurated by Salhoutuonuo Kruse, the Minister for Women Resources & Horticulture. Speaking as the special guest during the inauguration, Kruse expressed the significance of celebrating the festival in one of Nagaland’s most progressive orange-producing villages.

rusoma organge
Kruse attributed this accomplishment to the dedicated efforts of the farmers and highlighted that Rusoma should aspire beyond being merely a thriving orange-producing village. Instead, she encouraged the community to envision orange farming as the primary source of livelihood for farmers in the near future. Recognizing horticulture as a continuously evolving field, the Minister stressed the importance of adapting to and embracing improved technologies.

During her address, Kruse emphasized the need to enhance intercultural practices by combining traditional wisdom with modern techniques to keep pace with dynamic developments in horticulture. She commended the Department of Horticulture for providing advanced drip irrigation units to progressive orange growers in Rusoma, viewing it as tangible support from the government to uplift farming practices and ensure sustainable growth.

The two-day Orange Festival promises an array of attractions, including live music performances, culinary delights, art exhibitions, and various other engaging activities.

“Attending the 4th edition of the Orange Festival in Rüsoma Village, Nagaland was truly a pleasure,” she posted on X.

According to her, this progressive village is renowned for its orange production and boasts an impressive count of 14,100 mature orange trees and 28,700 orange saplings under plantation. It is heartening to learn that the most exceptional trees yield an astounding 70-80 kilograms of oranges. Aptly named as the ‘Gardening Village’, it is clear that Rüsoma is on the path to becoming a thriving hub for orange production in Nagaland.

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