Amid the mounting political fervor as Nagaland gears up for Lok Sabha polls on April 19, the state is witnessing intense campaign activities and political drama. Today, as senior Congress leader Jairam Ramesh celebrated his 70th birthday, he launched a scathing attack on the BJP-NDPP alliance in a press conference held in Dimapur.

Jairam Ramesh
Senior Congress leader Jairam Ramesh with Nagaland Congress workers addressing the press conference on 9 April in Dimapur

Ramesh did not mince his words, declaring, “NDPP is a hotspot of opportunists.” He accused the party of seeking protection from investigative agencies such as the ED and CBI, likening them to a “washing machine” that allegedly closes corruption cases once they align with the BJP.

“Congress is the only party keeping democracy alive,” Ramesh declared, contrasting it with other parties joining hands with the NDPP-BJP coalition in Nagaland.

The Indian National Congress is campaigning on five key points: Justice for women, youth, farmers, workers, and social justice. In Nagaland, the party is focusing on Article 371 (A), secularism, and the Naga Political Solution, which are crucial issues for the electorate.

Ramesh accused the BJP of having a One Nation, One Language agenda and One Nation, One Religion in the long run. He accused the BJP of imposing artificial uniformity while Congress wishes to strengthen unity by celebrating diversity.

Ramesh also claimed that under BJP, Article 371 (A) is under threat. Citing how Article 370 was removed, Ramesh said “Article 371 (A) particularly Clause IV is under threat,” along with the rest of specific articles for Northeastern States.

Taking a dig at the BJP’s promise of job creation, Ramesh accused the Prime Minister of failing to deliver on his pledge to generate two crore jobs for the youth.

Ramesh questioned whether democracy would survive under the BJP’s rule, leaving the electorate to ponder over the future of governance in the state.

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