FGN, Pathso Nokeng Village Council and Students’ Union, PRSU mourns

Naga Army
Lt General K Pokho

Noklak, 10 April (MTNews): Retired Lieutenant General K Pokho, formerly the General Officer Commanding (GOC) of the Eastern Command in the Naga Army, breathed his last on April 10 at his native village, Pathso Nokeng, located in the Khiamniungan Region. The demise of the 73 year old patriot has plunged the Federal Government of Nagaland into mourning as they reflect on his dedicated service and contributions to the Naga National Movement.

Mr Pusha, the Midan Peyu (Chief Commissioner) of the Khiamniungan Region under the Federal Government of Nagaland (FGN), penned a heartfelt tribute to the departed patriot. In a statement, the Midan Peyu reminisced about Lieutenant General K Pokho’s journey, recounting his early involvement, including journeys to China for training and arms procurement, as well as enduring the challenges and conflicts inherent in the Naga struggle.

“He was a patriot who survived all the twists and turns of the Naga National Movement; from the early days of trekking to China for training and arms procurement to surviving the violent clashes in the course of our Naga journey,” wrote Pusha, the Midan Peyu.

“He served the nation until his last breath. His demise is a great loss for the Khiamniungans in particular and Nagas in general,” continued the Midan Peyu. Acknowledging his lifetime of dedication and sacrifices for the Naga cause, Midan Peyu emphasized that Lieutenant General K Pokho’s contributions would forever be remembered and cherished in Naga history. “May his legacy continue to inspire future generations to strive for the ideals he fought for so dearly.

“At this moment of difficult time, I extend my deepest condolences to everyone who has been affected by his demise and may the departed soul rest in eternal peace with the Almighty God,” expressed the Midan Peyu.

The Pathso Nokeng Village Council expressed pain over his passing, calling him a “true son of the soil.”

“He worked for the cause of the Naga nation for almost five decades with resilience and determination. On behalf of the entire village, I extend my deepest condolences to the bereaved family members and join all Naga brethren in mourning his demise,” stated L Pesha, Chairman of the Pathso Nokeng Village Council.

The Pathso Range Students’ Union (PRSU) described him as “a man of principle” who stood steadfast for the integrity of the Naga nation until his last breath. “He was 73 when he breathed his last. He stood out for the cause of Nagas five decades ago (1976) and discharged all assignments and returned back home only in 2024 when his health condition deteriorated,” stated L Pukho Khiamniungan, President of the PRSU.

The PRSU also highlighted that during the span of his service, he attained the military rank of “Lieutenant General,” starting from his first promotion to L/Corporal in 1978. He received numerous gallantry awards, including the Nagaland Star, Victory Cross, Military Cross, Hero Award, Military Service Medal (I, II, and III), and Long Service Award, among others. “His tall leadership with sheer values and legacies will always be remembered in our hearts and in the history of Nagas’ struggle for self-determination,” stated the PRSU.

Kedaghe, Federal Government of Nagaland

Gen. (Retd.) Viyalie Metha, Kedaghe (President), Federal Government of Nagaland also extended condolence to the bereaved family members and relatives of late Lieut. General Pokho. According to the Kedahge, Lieut. General Pokho bearing Naga Army No. 23003 joined National Defence Service on 25 July 1976 and served in various capacities such as 7th Brigade Commander, Eastern Command, Naga Army; and GOC, Eastern Command, Naga Army. He was then appointed as National Defence Advisory Board (NDAB) Member and again appointed to be in-charge of GOC. Eastern Commande, Naga Army and served the nation till his last breath. He was a recipient of the Victory Cross, Military Cross, and Hero Award in the National Defence Service, the Kedaghe said.

“Не was a truly dedicated Naga Army officer and a true patriot. He gave his whole life for the Nation,” the Kedaghe added, saying, “his patriotic deeds and sacrificial services rendered to the nation shall always remain alive in the history of the Naga nation.”

Pathso Noken Students’ Union

The Pathso Noken Students’ Union (PNSU) also mourned the demise of Lieut. General Pokho said that he was a faithful warrior who devoted his life for the Naga political cause and lived an exemplary life.

“His undaunted commitment for the emancipation of the Nagas is unparalleled in the history of revolutionary movements in the region,” PNSU said.

“His death is undoubtedly a great loss for the Nagas, yet he has displayed a personality and statesmanship worthy to emulate for others,” PNSU added, saying that his contribution to the Naga nation will be fondly remembered and cherished by its people down the ages to come.

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