The National Democratic Progressive Party (NDPP), Mokokchung Region held a ticket distribution ceremony today at the region office in Mokokchung for the upcoming urban local body election in Nagaland. A total of 38 candidates were bestowed with the party’s endorsement.

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The NDPP Mokokchung Region on Monday held a ‘ticket ceremony’ for the elections to Urban Local Bodies 2024 at its office premises.

Among these, 17 tickets were allocated for the Mokokchung Municipal Council election, while 2 were designated for the Tuli Town Council. Additionally, 11 candidates received tickets for the Changtongya Town Council and 8 for the Mangkolemba Town Council.

N Bendang Jamir, NDPP Mokokchung Region Election Committee Convener and Working President of NDPP Nagaland, noted the novelty of the Municipal Act and the candidates’ pioneering role in its implementation. He highlighted the importance of understanding the Nagaland Municipal Act and urged the candidates to seek advice and guidance from seniors for proper consultation to bring a better change in society.

Jamir also inspired the candidates to dedicate themselves to serving the people. He emphasized that their tenure could extend beyond 5 years, contingent upon their performance, possibly lasting 10-15 years. He urged them to remain committed to their duties, knowing that they carry the NDPP’s reputation. He stated, “If you do good work, people will love the party,” urging the candidates to work with the understanding of doing good deeds for the people while representing the party.

Speaking on behalf of the candidates, Lanuakum expressed gratitude to the party and affirmed their readiness to serve. He stressed the importance of wisdom and guidance from the party leadership, urging unity to achieve success.

Earlier, the program was chaired by Rongsen Lemtur, Vice President of the Mokokchung Region Office. Mayangnungba, President of NDPP Mokokchung Region, initiated the oath-taking and handed over party tickets, concluding the event with remarks by Lipokzulu, Region Vice President.

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