The district of Mokokchung is gripped by mounting frustration as residents voice their concerns over persistent neglect, highlighting issues ranging from inadequate waste management to deplorable road conditions.


Photos showing the poor condition of a road in the heart of Mokokchung town (top) and a garbage pile left unattended for over a week in Arkong Ward, Mokokchung town. Both photos were contributed to Mokokchung Times by concerned citizens on 14 January.

A concerned citizen, who chose to remain anonymous, expressed heartbreak upon revisiting Mokokchung after an extended absence, condemning the appalling state of the roads.

According to the citizen, “While the Kings & Queens of Nagaland are enjoying in their luxurious lifestyles in their mansions or castles in Kohima and Dimapur; juggling between which country to visit, which imported goods or cars to buy; there is a lane in the heart of Mokokchung where the people are unable to even walk as there is no place to even put their foot as level land has long disappeared.”

“Where are the concerned leaders?” questioned the distressed citizen. “Absolutely shocking that no one cares for their own people,” the citizen added, pointing to the stark disparity in living conditions.

Negligence in waste management further compounds the challenges faced by Mokokchung residents. Another citizen raised alarm over the dire situation at the waste collection site opposite the SBI Bazaar branch, Mokokchung. Backed by photographs taken on 14 January 2024, the citizen reported that the unattended waste has lingered for over a week, obstructing paths to the Straightway Hostel and spilling onto the National Highway.

Even during waste collection efforts, the citizen claimed, authorities fall short, allowing the overflow to persist. “The remaining waste is being left to rot, attracting flies and emitting a foul stench,” the citizen lamented, urging authorities to address the critical situation.

As frustration reaches a boiling point, the residents of Mokokchung are left questioning the commitment of their leaders, calling for urgent attention to remedy the neglected state of their district.

Mokokchung Times

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