Neikhozo Suokhrie has been unanimously elected as the Chairperson of the Kohima Municipal Council, and Khrielievi Chusi as the Deputy Chairperson. The election took place during a meeting held at the DPDB Hall in Kohima.

Kohima KMC

Presided over by Deputy Commissioner Kumar Ramnikant, IAS, the meeting saw the participation of 16 elected members. Deputy Commissioner Ramnikant commenced the meeting by congratulating the newly elected council members and encouraging them to work together for the development and welfare of Kohima.

Neikhozo Suokhrie’s nomination for the position of Chairperson was proposed by Avilie Rio and seconded by Thejavizo Philip Solo. With no other nominations, Suokhrie was elected unanimously.

Similarly, Khrielievi Chusi’s nomination for Deputy Chairperson was proposed by Kazheli Tungoe and seconded by Ketousie Khamo, leading to Chusi’s unanimous election.

In their addresses, both Suokhrie and Chusi expressed their gratitude to the council members and officers, and called for continued cooperation to enhance the progress of Kohima.


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