Chennai, 24 February (MTNews): North East India Welfare Association Chennai (NEIWAC) has submitted a letter to the Governor of Tamil Nadu, RNRavi, urging him to intervene in reaching out to the Railway Ministry in the matter of reinstating the “Chennai region origin train service with a stop at Dimapur Railway Station, Nagaland.”

President of NEIWAC and Pastor of Naga Christian Fellowship Chennai, Wapangtoshi and others with Governor of Tamil Nadu, RN Ravi.

Wapangtoshi, President of NEIWAC and Pastor of Naga Christian Fellowship Chennai (NCF Chennai) said in a press release that the letter to the Governor was submitted at Raj Bhavan Chennai on 23 February.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, it was mentioned that there was a direct train service originating from Chennai that had a stop at Dimapur Railway Station, benefiting a significant number of people from Northeast India, particularly those from Nagaland, Manipur, and some parts of Assam, living in and around Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

“The discontinuation of this service has caused immense difficulty for the people traveling back to their hometowns and for those coming to Chennai for essential purposes. The current travel options are either extremely time-consuming or involve a considerable increase in travel expenses,” Wapangtoshi said.

He informed that the letter highlights the need for the restoration of this train service to ease the travel burden on the Northeast Indian community residing in and around Chennai as well as Northeast people in general.

“The reinstatement of this service will not only benefit the Northeast community but also strengthen the bond between the people of Tamil Nadu and Northeast India, contributing to a more inclusive and harmonious society,” Wapangtoshi further said.

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