Mokokchung, 24 February (MTNews): In a firm rebuttal to Assam government’s ban on ‘magical healing,’ the Ao Baptist Arogo Mungdang (ABAM) has strongly dismissed allegations of Christian evangelists engaging in magical practices within their healing endeavors. ABAM clarified that “magic is an alien term in Christian activity,” emphasizing its absence in their spiritual practices.

The controversy stemmed from remarks made by Assam CM Dr Himanta Biswa Sarma, expressing a desire for religious stability in the state and a concern over evangelistic activities potentially leading to “forced conversions.” ABAM, however, decried such sentiments, asserting their commitment to societal well-being without any ulterior conversion motives.

Rev Dr Prof Mar Pongener, Executive Secretary of ABAM, and Rev Dr L Lima Jamir, President of ABAM, jointly issued a statement emphasizing the multi-dimensional nature of healing, encompassing physical, social, and spiritual aspects. They underscored that the mission works undertaken by Christians aim at spiritual transformation, not coercion.

Further clarifying their stance, ABAM delineated the distinctions between magic and healing, highlighting the harmful nature of sorcery and witchcraft, which they vehemently disavow. Moreover, ABAM warned against the perils of fundamentalism and communalism, advocating for approaches grounded in shared humanity rather than divisive political ideologies.

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