The dire state of the road from Rotary Junction to IOC Petrol Pump intersection in Mokokchung town has become a significant concern for local residents. This stretch of road, part of the arterial Mariani Road between, has seen multiple temporary fixes by the IOC Taxi Union in 2022 and 2024, as well as by other concerned citizens, but remains largely unattended by the relevant authorities.

potholes mokokchung IOC Road
In this file photo, taxi drivers are seen filling the potholes along the road stretch from Rotary Junction to the IOC intersection in Mokokchung town with earth and boulders in April 2024. Volunteers and concerned citizens have been temporarily fixing the potholes, but the debilitated condition of the road warrants major repairs.

The road, which falls under the jurisdiction of the Urban Development Department, has been neglected despite its importance to the town. In May 2024, five ward authorities of Mokokchung Town submitted a plea to the Director of the Urban Development Department of Nagaland in Kohima, seeking special sanction for repairs.

An official from the Urban Development Department in Mokokchung confirmed that the Ao Senden has also addressed the issue. As of today, 13 June 2024, this newspaper has learned that the road has been placed on the “priority list” and all grievances have been forwarded to the Directorate of Urban Development in Kohima. However, approval from higher authorities is still pending.

“Usually, the Government of Nagaland plans out annual activities by May-June, which are implemented by September-October,” said an official from the Urban Development Department in Mokokchung. The official added that it is still “uncertain” whether the road maintenance will be authorized by higher authorities.

According to the official, as of now, the department is limited to sending the ‘priority list’ to the Directorate and waiting for its approval. The official also said that the working system of the department is such that works are allotted through the tender system and are awarded to the contractors registered under All Nagaland Contractors and Suppliers’ Union.

When asked about the response from authorities in Kohima regarding the appeals made by the five ward authorities and reportedly the Ao Senden, the official stated that they are still waiting for approval and cannot confirm if or when it will be granted.

In April, there were reports that the Advisor for Urban Development showed interest in repairing all roads under Mokokchung municipal jurisdiction, with estimations and Detailed Project Reports (DPR) said to be in progress. However, upon inquiry, the official could not confirm this information.

Mokokchung Times

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