Embracing the relevance of modern times while preserving traditional wisdom, the Ao Students’ Conference (AKM) has embarked on an innovative educational journey with its Arju Center initiative. AKM General Secretary Satemmongba highlighted this unique blend of traditional knowledge and contemporary education during a tour of Arju Centers across the six ranges of the Ao Naga area on June 13.

Arju center Mongsenyimti
The touring AKM officials with Mongsenyimti Village Council members at Arju Center, Mongsenyimti village.

At a consultation meeting with the Mongsenyimti Village Council, Satemmongba elaborated on the profound impact of the Arju Centers. Established under the aegis of Samagra Shiksha Nagaland, these centers have become instrumental in enriching the lives of young students from various government schools in Mokokchung District. The centers not only bolster academic education but also impart traditional knowledge, arts and crafts, soft skills, social etiquette, and essential life skills.

Currently, Arju Centers are operational in 12 villages, thanks to the innovative education initiative under the Ministry of Education, Government of India. Since their inception, these centers have significantly enhanced both the academic and personal development of the students, AKM leaders noted.

The tour aimed to sensitize village councils and rural stakeholders about the center’s vision for 2024-25, which includes several key objectives:

Promoting and Preserving Mother Tongue and Ao Literature: Recognized as an integral part of identity and cultural heritage.

Financial Literacy: Empowering individuals to reduce financial vulnerabilities and foster economic growth, bridging the gap of social inequality.

Skill Development: Equipping students with valuable assets for real-world scenarios, academic settings, workplaces, and everyday life.

Homeland Tours: Offering students rich cultural experiences by learning about Ao Naga heritage, migration, and traditional farming techniques from experts.

Plantation Drives: Conducting environmental initiatives with a vision for 2029, in commemoration of the centenary celebration of AKM.

Expansion of Arju Centers: Establishing new centers in 12 additional villages to reach more students.

During the tour, the Mongsenyimti Village Council expressed their readiness to support the Arju Center in every capacity, from financial assistance to physical resources.

The Arju Center initiative stands as a beacon of hope and progress, seamlessly blending traditional wisdom with modern education, thus paving the way for a brighter future for the students of Ao area.

Mokokchung Times

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