Mokokchung, 9 September (MTNews): “No Naga flag, no solution; no Constitution, no solution; Under the Indian Constitution, no solution,” asserted the members of NSCN-IM during a consultative meeting of the Southern Zone, NSCN/GPRN at Ecological Park, Mayangkhang, Senapati district on 8 September.


According to a statement issued by the MIP of the group, the NSCN-IM has been organizing consultative meetings of Tatars, Dy Kilonsers, and Kilonsers, Steering Committee, and Executive Steering Committee members from all regions to stay informed about any developments regarding the ongoing Naga political issue, keeping the momentum going.


Lieut. Gen (Retd) VS Atem, VC of the Collective Leadership, welcomed the significant turnout of members, saying, “We all have to bear inconveniences as the Naga issue matters to all.” He added that these inconveniences must be endured at this “turning point in Naga history when Indo-Naga political talks are at a critical stage.” He further urged the members to exercise “responsibility,” emphasizing that serving the Naga Nation comes with sacrifices.


Gen Atem recalled how Jawaharlal Nehru and Morarji Desai were critical of the Naga political issue and made “disparaging remarks with their crude manners” and recounted how the Nagas proved them wrong through their responsible actions.


“The political resoluteness of the Naga political struggle is the driving force that has brought us this far,” stated General Atem. “After the declaration of Naga Independence on August 14, 1947, Nagas launched a peaceful movement by boycotting the Indian general elections consecutively in 1952 and 1957. Nagas refused to join the Union of India when more than 500 princely states had joined,” he said.


“The Naga political struggle has come this far because Nagas have had the political courage to assert their rights,” he asserted, adding, “We must stand upright, as history will judge us by how we defend our rights.”


Maj (Retd) Kewe Mero, Kilo Kilonser, urged the members never to forget the significant achievements of the Indo-Naga political talks that began after the ceasefire in 1997, where Nagas asserted their historical and political identity by negotiating for the “official recognition” of the government of India regarding the “unique history of the Nagas and the situation.” He also reminded the members of the “critical importance” of standing by the “historic Framework Agreement no matter what circumstances” they may face.


Meyong Phom, a member of the Collective Leadership, pointed out that NSCN is currently facing “aggressive forces” attempting to undermine the Naga solution from the Framework Agreement.


Therefore, he stressed the need for rededication of commitment and support from all members to the Collective Leadership, NSCN, to achieve the Naga Nation’s desired goal.


He also called upon the members to recognize that the Naga nation expects them to be righteous leaders to face the significant task at hand, emphasizing how God has been with the Nagas since the signing of the historic Framework Agreement on 3 August 2015. Quoting from the Holy Bible to make his point, he said, “Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin condemns any people” (Psalm 14:34). With this, he encouraged members to prioritize righteousness to find a Naga political solution that would please God.


Zhehoto Awomi, Chaplee Kilonser, appealed to the members to reflect unity at all times, considering that the Naga political movement was conducted under the banner of “Nagalim for Christ.” Awomi also stressed the importance of maintaining moral integrity and discipline to uphold the image of NSCN as the bona fide Naga national organization fighting for the political rights of the Nagas.


Jongpong Sashi, Kilonser, Education, called upon the members not to lag behind in introspection and to examine their positions and commitment to the Naga national cause. He encouraged them to work fearlessly but in close partnership with God, as nothing significant can be achieved without God in their everyday struggle.

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