Mokokchung, 18 March (MTNews): The Naga People’s Front (NPF) has expressed serious concern on the ongoing tussle between the various civil society organizations and the present government over the conduct of elections to the Municipal and Town Councils in Nagaland.


The NPF through a press release viewed that a broad based consultation is necessary with all the stakeholders, especially on taxation on land and properties, before election is conducted.


“Till such time a consensus is reached, the Municipal and Town Council Election which was notified by the government on 9 March 2023 may be kept on hold,” the NPF suggested.


The Party further said that they do not want the same story of 2017 to be repeated where “the burning down of the Government offices in Kohima, the private residences of the candidates were vandalized while some of the candidates were even excommunicated from their respective localities and most of all two precious lives were lost.”


Hence, the party urged the government of the day to think twice before rushing to conduct the election.


“The Party maintains its stand on women empowerment and reiterates reservation of women quota in the Municipal and Town Councils; however; the new proposal which the Government of the day is pushing for reservation of Chairperson’s post for women is devoid of logic,” the party added.


Meanwhile, the NPF reiterated that it stands for an early solution to the Naga Political Issue and urged upon the Govt. of India and NSCN (IM)/NNPGs to expedite the political talks and bring the long drawn negotiation to a logical conclusion.


“The role of the present day government as facilitator for an honorable, acceptable and inclusive solution to the protracted Naga Issue should be activated with all sincerity as assured to the electorates,” the party said, stating that the NPF would extend all possible cooperation towards this endeavor, as long as the Government of the day play its role as an active facilitator in right earnest.

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