Mokokchung, 24 March (MTNews): The National Socialist Council of Nagalim (NSCN-IM) has vehemently denounced a viral article titled “Naga Politics In Manipur Decoded,” branding it as a fabrication “manufactured with malicious intention.”

The article, purportedly authored under the fictitious name Abraham Naga, is described as a “crazy write up with lies and conspiracies spread more rapidly than facts through social media.”

Asserting that the slanderous viral article was manufactured in the “factory of lies and fabrications” using fictitious name Abraham Naga, the NSCN-IM alleged that it was a blatant attempt to manipulate Naga people’s opinion against it in general and Longvibu in particular by “spreading the market of pessimism and distrust and bring about confusion and polarization in order to damage the sanctity of God’s covenant with the Naga people.”

The organization has accused “forces/agencies against Naga political solution” that have taken undue advantage of the changing media landscape, using the social media platforms “to stoke the fire of fear and anxiety and divide the Nagas against itself.”

“However, no NSCN leaders would stoop to the level as made to believe by the fabricated viral article that has floated in social media platforms,” it added.

While condemning the proliferation of such defamatory content, NSCN-IM has issued a stern warning against future attempts to disseminate false information under fictitious identities. The organization has pledged to uncover the true identities behind such fabrications and take appropriate action.

Amidst these challenges, NSCN-IM reassured that “the Naga political issue is something sacrosanct and the way to defend it is to be proactive with God fearing approach.”

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