Mokokchung, 20 September (MTNews): In the wake of the ongoing ethnic crisis between the Kuki-Zo and the Meitei communities in Manipur, the National Socialist Council of Nagalim-Isak-Muivah (NSCN-IM) has called to “face the truth for conflict resolution.”


The NSCN-IM, in the editorial column of the latest edition of its mouthpiece ‘Nagalim Voice’ stated that ever since the “state-sponsored ethnic pogrom” commenced on 3 May 2023 in Manipur, they have steadfastly maintained a resilient and neutral stance. It emphasized that throughout the crisis, it has shown respect for humanity and has allowed room for “historical reasoning and critical thinking” to assess the different narratives and perspectives surrounding the conflict.


Despite a historical record marked by tensions with the Kuki community, the NSCN-IM affirmed that it has not engaged in “fishing in troubled waters.” Instead, the NSCN-IM said it seeks to “soothe the troubled waters” by extending unconditional humanitarian aid and spiritual support to the Kuki-Zo community “as we believe in building a peaceful society.” The NSCN-IM emphasized its belief in building a peaceful society and stated that no amount of trouble would shake its faith in humanity. “This is our approach to the ongoing ethnic crisis between the Kuki-Zo and Meiteis in Manipur,” it said.


The NSCN-IM expressed its abiding faith in “Nagalim for Christ,” asserting that hope and peace reside in the presence of God and that divine protection shields against injustice. Throughout the crisis, the NSCN-IM claimed to have remained unperturbed and unfazed by rumors and provocative incidents or narratives, choosing to stay relaxed even in stressful situations.


The NSCN-IM’s statement emphasized the importance of discerning hard facts from myths and truth from lies in conflict resolution. They firmly believe that lasting peace and solutions can only be achieved when conflicting parties muster the courage to accept the truth. “To accept that truth is the only way to approach God for conflict resolution,” it said.

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