Mokokchung, 13 September (MTNews): Former Finance Minister of Nagaland K Therie has laid the blame for the division of Manipur at the feet of the Manipur Government itself. In a scathing press release, he accused the Manipur State Government of failing to “calculate or read the impact of launching ethnic cleansing of Kuki-Zo and Christians.”


The statement, released today, comes after a period of over 110 days filled with disturbing incidents, leading Therie to declare that it’s now impossible to restore trust and confidence among the affected communities. He emphasizes that trust and confidence are the cornerstones of any harmonious society, stating that “Without trust and confidence, there can be no family.”


Therie also accused the Manipur State Government of refusing to own moral responsibility and lacking a formula to bring about peace and understanding in the region. In light of this, he suggested that the only option left for those concerned with the welfare of the Kuki-Zo community is to consider their demand for a ‘Separate Administration’, either in the form of a Union Territory or Statehood.


The former Finance Minister underscored the importance of upholding the rights of minorities, arguing that “Humankind’s coexistence revolves around the right formula of majority and minority; living together in unity and diversity.”


“While the majority is expected to shower affection on the minorities, the minorities render their respect to majorities. A brutish majority violating human rights and religious rights is not acceptable in democracy,” he asserted.


Given the current climate of hatred and mistrust, Therie contended that all right-thinking people who wish to restore human rights and peace, can only think of a separate administration.

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