Mokokchung, 12 September (MTNews): According to security sources, a tragic incident occurred on Tuesday morning in Manipur’s Kangpokpi district, where three individuals from the Kuki-Zomi community lost their lives in what seemed to be an “ambush.” The unfortunate event took place around 7 am near Ireng Naga village, situated in the Kuki-Zomi-dominated Kangpokpi district, just a short distance from its border with the Meitei-dominated Imphal West district.


The victims were all members of the Kuki-Zomi community and have been identified as Satneo Tuboi (37) and Ngamminlun Lhouvum (30) from Kangchup Ponlen village, and Ngamminlun Kipgen (32) from Lhangkichoi village. It is worth noting that no weapons were discovered on their persons, as reported by security sources.


James Hangmi, a resident of Kangchup Ponlen, told Indian Express that the three individuals had left their village early in the morning to seek medical assistance in Kangpokpi for Ngamminlun Lhouvum, who was suffering from a severe fever.


According to security sources, the attack appears to have been carried out by multiple assailants. Central security forces, stationed nearby, heard the gunshots and rushed to the scene.


Unfortunately, by the time they arrived, it was reported that the attackers had already fled. This has led to the suspicion that the attackers might have received training, considering they breached the “buffer zone” established by security forces at the boundary between Meitei-dominated and Kuki-dominated areas.


James Hangmi emphasized the innocence of the victims, stating that their journey was solely motivated by the urgent need for medical attention due to the high fever. They were traveling along a rugged hill road, which was created as a response to previous violence in the area. This road serves as the only passage for essential food supplies to reach their region from Kangpokpi.

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