NVCO urge Govt of Nagaland to implement Consumer Protection Act, 2019

Kohima, December 26 (MTNews): Nagaland Voluntary Consumers’ Organization (NVCO) has urged the state government of Nagaland to implement the Consumer Protection Act, 2019 in view of ‘National Consumer Rights Day’ as a New Year (2023) gift to the citizens of the state.



Every year the Nagaland Voluntary Consumers’ Organization (NVCO) maintained a week-long observance of “National Consumer Rights Day” as it falls on every December 24 taking the opportunity to highlight the importance of the consumer movement and the need to make the consumer more aware of their rights and responsibilities, particularly in the rural areas. NVCO President Kezhokhoto Savi, Advocate said that the responsibility of learning “our consumer rights and duties rest with all of us.” He also said that the responsibility more particularly rests with the government agencies to play a vital role for promoting welfare of consumers and protection of their rights.



In view of the celebration of “National Consumer Rights Day” the NVCO urged the state Government of Nagaland to implement and fulfill the basic requirement as per the Act, stating that the Consumer Protection Act, 2019 has entirely replaced the Consumer Protection Act, 1986.



NVCI also urged the state government to provide a building of State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission with proper court room and offices as of now the State Commission does not have any office but temporary function at Circuit House with all inconveniences not only to the President and its learned members and office staff but also to the advocates.



“Do not hesitate to call up Nagaland State Consumer Helpline Toll Free No. 1800-345-3701 or approach the consumer disputes redressal commissions to assert your rights, whenever necessary,” NVCO also said. “Only alert consumers can protect themselves and the society from the exploitation of Trade & Industry. Remember, your own welfare now remain in your own hands,” it added.



NVCO President Kezhokhoto Savi in his special message to the consumers on national consumer rights day also said, “Consumer Wake Up! Consumer Wake Up! A vigilant consumer is an asset to the nation”


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