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Mokokchung, 1 December (MTNews): The Ongpangkong Compound Youth Union (OCYU) successfully organized the inaugural Advent Christmas Cake Race on the morning of 1 December in Yimyu Ward, Mokokchung. This event served as a prelude to the much-anticipated 50th Edition Inter-Ward Christmas Cake Race 2023, organized by the Mokokchung Municipal Council and scheduled for 24 December.

cake race

To prepare the youth of the ward for the upcoming inter-ward Christmas Cake Race competition and enhance their chances of victory, OCYU took the lead in spearheading this initiative. The race, conducted in an 8-person relay format, featured participation from four sectors within the ward.

The race kicked off near the church premises, and participants sprinted through the streets of the ward. The Kolemata & Tsumalempong Sector emerged triumphant, securing the top spot in the competition.

The winning sectors were duly honored with a 12-pound cake, while the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place finishers received recognition and were awarded various-sized cakes during the prize distribution ceremony.

cake race winners

During the ceremony, Takosungba, Secretary on behalf of the Yimyu Ward Yimden, addressed the gathering with optimism. He highlighted the ward’s aspirations to clinch victory in the Inter-Ward cake race, a feat that had eluded them in recent times.

Commending OCYU for their proactive role in organizing such events, Takosungba envisioned a brighter future with increased sports participation and the emergence of more skilled athletes from the local community.

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