Kohima, 1 April (MTNews): The Odisha State Foundation Day was celebrated at Raj Bhavan Kohima on 1 April 2024.


Nagaland Governor, La. Ganesan while addressing the gathering remarked that the gathering is under the auspices of unity in diversity, and that the celebration was not only of the state foundation day of Odisha but also the spirit of ‘Ek Bharat Shrestha Bharat.’

“It is a momentous occasion that brings us together, transcending geographical boundaries and binding us in a common platform of cultural heritage and mutual respect,” he said.

The day also being the birth anniversary of Guru Tegh Bahadur, the Governor extended regards and warm wishes to everyone and said that Guru Tegh Bahadur remains an enduring and much respected symbol of courage, spiritual integrity and sacrifice. “His supreme sacrifice of protecting religious freedom remains unparallel in history,” he said.

Elaborating on Odisha, the Governor said that, with its glorious past, vibrant culture, and rich traditions, it holds a special place in the mosaic of Indian diversity.

“As we celebrate this day, let us remember the undying spirit of the people of Odisha, their resilience in the face of adversities, and their unparalleled contribution to art, culture, and the freedom struggle of our great nation. Their journey is a testament to the strength and spirit of Ek Bharat Shrestha Bharat, embodying unity in diversity,” he added.

On the connection between Odisha and Nagaland, the Governor remarked that the two states are geographically distant yet close in spirit. Through initiatives like “Ek Bharat Shrestha Bharat”, it aims to foster a closer relationship between the people of different states, highlighting our shared values and diverse cultures.

The Governor also lauded the Odisha community in Nagaland for their steadfastness in preserving their cultural heritage, despite the distance from their origins. He underscored their pivotal contribution to the diverse cultural fabric of Nagaland, urging all to embrace this opportunity for mutual learning and celebration, thereby reinforcing unity amidst diversity.

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