Mokokchung, 22 March (MTNews): The Onpangkong Tetsür Mungdang, the apex women’s organization of Ongpangkong Range, Mokokchung, held its 18th general conference on 22 March at Town Hall, Mokokchung, under the theme “Towards Holistic Progress.” The theme speaker at the conference was Dr Temjenwala Pongen, Administrator, Straightway Christian Mission Centre, Mokokchung.

ongpangkong watsu
Dr Temjenwala Pongen while speaking on the theme asserted that in order to achieve the theme, one must know their identity and preserve it. She said that one must also understand the power of education and so must pave the way towards healthy education. She also encouraged one to aspire to become successful entrepreneurs and be competent in the business sector. She asserted that by embracing these principles, they can advance towards holistic progress.

The opening act of the 18th general conference was performed by Longkhumtsür Telongjem, Mokokchung, while Chungtiatsür Telongjem represented the conference choir. A special song presentation was also performed by Mangemtong Tetsür Telen. Additionally, Imyapangla Jamir, Project Officer, DRDA Mokokchung; S Arenla Longkumer, President of Watsü Mungdang; and Lipokmeren Jamir, President of Ongpangkong Mungdang, addressed the conference.

New office bearers were elected during the session, with Asangtila from Aliba village nominated as the new president, Bendangrenla from Khensa village as the Vice-president, Pangimenla from Chungtia village as the general secretary, and Sentinungla Longkumer as the Assistant General Secretary.

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