Every taxi plying in Mokokchung town has ‘Keep Mokokchung Clean’ displayed on its rear window. This is because of an initiative taken by the All Nagaland Taxi Association Mokokchung (ANTAM) following a resolution made during a general meeting on 6 January 2024.

Mokokchung Taxi

According to Tongpang, President of ANTAM, this initiative was taken because Mokokchung, once known as the cleanest town, has been living in its “past glory”. Therefore, ANTAM took it upon themselves to remind the public of their responsibility in maintaining the town’s cleanliness.

“Furthermore, having the slogan on their own vehicles serves as a constant reminder for the drivers to refrain from littering,” Tongpang emphasized in an interaction with Mokokchung Times.

Tongpang said the implementation of this cleanliness campaign commenced on Monday, 18 March 2024. ANTAM has mandated all taxis under its jurisdiction to comply, with penalties in place for non-compliance.

“We see it as our civic duty to uphold the cleanliness of our town,” Tongpang remarked, expressing hope that with public cooperation, significant improvements would be seen.

Tongpang also mentioned that ANTAM provided the ‘Keep Mokokchung Clean’ decals free of charge, stating, “Even if Mokokchung sees only a slight change as a result of this initiative, it will have made an impact.”

Mokokchung Times

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