Kohima, 26 October (MTNews): A meeting was held on 25 October 2023 in Kohima with distinguished figures in the field of palliative care, including Gilly Burn, a Palliative Care Nurse and Director of Cancer Relief India, and Rontu Sangma, the Regional Facilitator for Northeast and East overseeing palliative care programs.

Gilly Burn with the Principal Director Dr

During the meeting, several important topics were discussed. There was a proposal to launch a Pilot Palliative Care Project in Kohima and Dimapur, in collaboration with Pallium India. The goal of this project is to enhance the quality of palliative care services in these regions, and the proposal is expected to be formally submitted for consideration.

The discussion focused on nursing education in medical colleges, with Gilly Burn sharing her insights. Her expertise in palliative care nursing and education has the potential to contribute to improvements in the curriculum and training of nursing students.

Recognizing the paramount importance of effective communication between healthcare professionals and patients, the meeting emphasized the need for doctors and nurses to enhance their communication skills. Empathetic and clear communication is vital in providing quality palliative care.

The meeting was attended by Commissioner Secretary V Kezo, Principal Director Dr Ritu Thurr, Managing Director of NHM Dr E Motsuthung Patton, SPO of Palliative Care Nagaland Dr H Sema, and retired Joint Director of H&FW Department Dr Obangjungla. Additionally, a visit to NHAK involved discussions with the Managing Director, Dr Sendimeren Aonok, and other officials, with a focus on improving palliative care services.

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