A new space for children to thrive, parents to unwind, and the community to come together


A new and highly anticipated play space is nearing completion in Mokokchung, providing a haven for children to enjoy a safe and joyful experience while offering parents a place to relax. The Play Café, currently under construction in the Indian Oil area, is the brainchild of Limaonen Imchen and his wife Hannah, popularly known as The Imchen Family on various social media platforms, including YouTube. This innovative concept aims to address a significant gap in their community.


play café
Play Café, currently under construction in the Indian Oil area. The Imchen Family has set a target opening date for October 12, coinciding with their second child’s birthday.


The Imchen Family, consisting of three children aged 7, 4, and the youngest at 18 months, has embarked on a journey to create a space where children can run, jump, and have fun in a secure environment.


The Play Café’s centerpiece is its expansive play area designed exclusively for children. This play area boasts an array of exciting features, including trampolines, rock climbing walls, slides, tunnels, ball pits, and even a race track, ensuring that every child’s imagination is ignited and their energy well-spent.


What sets the Play Café apart is its commitment to providing parents with a relaxing environment. A dedicated lounge area will offer parents the chance to unwind while enjoying a selection of tea, coffee, snacks, and, most importantly, the opportunity to connect with fellow parents.


The Imchen Family has set a target opening date for October 12, coinciding with their second child’s birthday. Hannah Imchen, one-half of the visionary couple behind this project, shared that the inspiration for the project came from the realization that there were limited safe and enjoyable spaces for children in the town. Instead of merely complaining about the lack of such facilities, they decided to take action.


Their journey was not without challenges. Initially, they had plans to construct their own building for the Play Café, but the COVID-19 pandemic brought everything to a standstill. Despite the setbacks, their determination prevailed, and this year, they found a place to start as a pilot project, until their initial vision is fulfilled.


Construction materials were sourced from Delhi and Pune, and skilled laborers from Uttar Pradesh were hired to bring their dream to life. Limaonen and Hannah Imchen, both educators, also wanted to create part-time employment opportunities and set a trend for college students in the community, allowing them to earn pocket money while pursuing their education.


The Imchens emphasized their commitment to serving the community and stressed that the Play Café is not driven by profit. While a nominal fee will be charged to cover operational costs, they are dedicated to making it as accessible as possible to all families.


The Play Café will primarily operate in the evenings, and the Imchens plan to offer free access to underprivileged children, especially those attending government primary schools. The community has shown immense support and generosity towards this initiative, eagerly contributing to its realization, they said.


With three children of their own, the Imchen Family’s mission is clear: to create a welcoming and safe space where children can thrive, parents can unwind, and the community can come together.


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