Mokokchung, once renowned for its vibrant music scene, experienced a decline in recent years. However, a remarkable revival of rock music has breathed new life into the local music scene, thanks to the highly successful Rockvival festival celebrated on World Music Day. Following the success of the inaugural event in 2022, Blend In Events, a Mokokchung-based event management company, orchestrated Rockvival 2.0 on World Music Day 2023. Held at Mokokchung’s Town Hall, the event delivered an unforgettable night of musical bliss.



Team ‘Blend In Events’ after successfully organizing Rockvival 2.0 on World Music Day, 21 June.


The centerpiece of Rockvival 2.0 was a captivating performance by Nagaland’s revered band, Incipit. With their infectious melodies and electrifying energy, Incipit has amassed a devoted fan following in the region. The audience was treated to a mesmerizing sonic experience as the band showcased their dynamic stage presence and powerful compositions, reaffirming their status as one of Nagaland’s most accomplished musical acts.


Joining Incipit on this momentous occasion was the acclaimed singer and composer, Tiameren Aier. Aier’s soulful voice and profound musicality have earned him immense respect in the Naga music industry. His inclusion in the Rockvival 2.0 lineup elevated the excitement and anticipation surrounding the event, as the crowd at Town Hall joyously sang along to his hit songs, reviving the vibrant music scene of Mokokchung’s past.


To enhance the vibrancy of the event, local bands from Mokokchung such as FRONT FEM, STEREO GROOVE, DECORUM DISASTER, RAACKERS, and the all-female band THE SPECTRUMS added their unique flavors to the festivities, enriching the diverse musical tapestry of Rockvival 2.0.


Rockvival 2.0, however, was more than just a series of extraordinary performances. In the spirit of World Music Day, Blend In Events curated a diverse program catering to both established musicians and budding talents. The day kicked off with an open mic session, offering aspiring artists a platform to showcase their skills and gain exposure.


The celebration of World Music Day at Rockvival 2.0 extended beyond live performances. Attendees were treated to a delightful array of stalls offering various experiences. From delectable food stalls to captivating art installations, the event created an immersive atmosphere that tantalized all the senses. These experiential elements augmented the overall ambiance of the festival, providing a holistic celebration of music and culture.


Rockvival 2.0 symbolized the resilience and passion of Mokokchung’s local music community. The event paid homage to the rich heritage of rock music while demonstrating the power of music in uniting people. By seamlessly blending traditional Naga influences with contemporary rock sounds, Rockvival 2.0 showcased the genre’s evolution and adaptability, encapsulating a new era for rock music in Mokokchung.


As the curtains fell on Rockvival 2.0, the echoes of the event lingered, leaving an indelible impact on the attendees and the local music scene. The resounding success of this festival, reigniting the passion for rock music in Mokokchung, is a testament to the unwavering spirit of musicians and music lovers in the region.


Rockvival 2.0 has not only revived Mokokchung as a hub for rock music but has also paved the way for future endeavors, inspiring a new generation of musicians to carry the torch forward.



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