Mokokchung, 21 January (MTNews): The Rising People’s Party (RPP) has responded to Jagdamba Mall’s recent controversial statements attempting to establish historical connections between the Nagas and ancient India, particularly the Mahabharata era.

In a rejoinder penned by RPP, the party linked Mall’s attempt to link Nagas with ancient India (of the near mythical Mahabharata) in his article “Ram Mandir Ayodhya aur Naga Samaj,” as “desperate”.

The party also likened Mall’s statement to the unorthodox claims of other public figures like Nageshwar Rao and Biplab Kumar Deb and accused Mall of being a “rabble-rouser” and expressed concern about his obsession with gods and mythical heroes.

The rejoinder disputed Mall’s “fantastical” narratives, such as the alleged marriages of Mahabharata heroes with Naga damsel, Ulupi and the derivation of the name Wokha from the “Naga beauty” Usha who was married to the grandson of lord Krishna. It contended that while Nagas may be flattered to be linked with the heroes and gods of the Mahabharata war which supposedly took place 5000 years ago, Mall’s claims are questionable in the context of generations of Brahmanical forces conjuring legends in the Northeast.

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The party also highlighted Mall’s criticism of Christian missionaries and the impact of Hindu proselytizing on indigenous religions and cultures in the region. The rejoinder cited historical instances, such as the conversion of the Meitei king Gharib Nawaz, and emphasized the consequences of such conversions on the cultural and religious identity of Manipur.

The RPP also drew attention to similar influences on the Ahom and Kachari kings, claiming that under Brahmanical forces, grandiose Sanskrit names were bestowed upon Ahom kings, and the Kachari kings were led to believe they were Kshatriyas of ancient India.

The party also questioned Mall’s focus on linking Nagas with classical India and criticized what is perceived as the perpetuation of misleading narratives about tribal communities in India and Burma. The RPP rejoinder concluded with cautions against “demagogues” like Jagdamba Mall, who are deemed “dangerous for humanity.”

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