With the collaboration of RPP and Congress in this Lok Sabha election, Wamo, President of Tseminyu District Congress Committee, a veteran Congress member, emphasized the significant influence of RPP in the district and noted the heightened spirit of the election. A Congress-RPP consultation meeting is scheduled for 3 April 2024. Wamo expressed optimism to this newspaper about the positive expectations from Tseminyu by the Congress.

However, when asked about the increasing support for Congress on social media versus the actual voting tendency towards NDPP-BJP, Wamo candidly stated, “We are always concerned about filling our stomach and because our ‘source’ lie with BJP, even if we don’t like them, we end up voting for them.”

Nevertheless, Wamo believes the current situation will differ due to emerging religious concerns, such as the ban on wearing Christian crosses in institutes in Assam. He remarked, “These developments are disturbing, and people are beginning to take notice.”

Despite acknowledging the challenge posed by competing against 60 MLAs, Wamo placed his trust in the NPCC president, Supongmeren, whom he regards not only as a competent political leader but also as a “very good person.”

“Regardless of the outcome, Congress is set for a better result this time,” Wamo affirmed.

Mokokchung Times

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